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They said that besides your dad, brother is the second guard God sent to you from heaven. He may not be as emotional as a sister but he is always there to protect you. If his b-day is coming, take this chance to celebrate it with these funny and amazing popup card birthday for brothers below. 

Alligator 3D Cards

Funny and Amazing Birthday Pop Up Gifts for Brothers 
Alligator Pop Up Card

Make your bro surprised by giving him a wonderful Alligator pop-up card on his special day. This card depicts a happy crocodile wearing a red hat. He is standing on the green grass, playing the guitar and singing a happy birthday song.  

Alligator is a symbol of strength, survival, status, and power. Although it has a rough and scary look in the real world, the animated crocodile inside the card is really lovely.  

As you can see, all pieces of this 3D card are cut by laser and hand-assembled. With a cute Alligator figure and vivid color in green tone, it can make any recipient love this card right at the first sight.  

The Crocodile popup card is definitely a great gift choice for your brother, especially when he is an animal lover.  

Fire Breathing Dragon 3D Cards

Funny and Amazing Birthday Pop Up Gifts for Brothers 2
Fire Breathing Dragon 3D Pop Up Card

Does your brother love the world of mysterious things? If he does, don’t hesitate to gift him this Fire Breathing Dragon pop up card in a box.  

The card recreates an impressive illustration of a mighty dragon with red wings, body, and horns in black. He is flying in the sky and breathing fire. 

The dragon is a familiar character in the folklore of many places in the world. To western natives, the dragon represents evil, chaos, perdition, and untamed nature. It is often portrayed as a dangerous monster, guarding outside the castle of the witches.  

On the other hand, in the Oriental countries, this creature is regarded as the God of the sea. In ancient times, people believed that the king was a descendant of dragons. That is why he had the ultimate power to reign the country. The creature also symbolizes royalty, almighty power, wisdom, and good fortune. 

Chameleon 3D 3D Cards

Funny and Amazing Birthday Pop Up Gifts for Brothers 3
Chameleon 3D Pop Up Card

The card depicts a stunning papercraft of a green Chameleon. He is standing on a log and catching his prey with his long tongue.  

The thing that makes chameleons special is the ability to change their skin color, which other animals on our planet can rarely do. This animal is known as a symbol of adaptation, communication, illusion, individuality, maturity, and psychic Awareness…  

The chameleon is also considered the totem of many ancient tribes. They believed that this creature can help them see into other realms. To Native Americans, the Chameleon signifies protection, abundance, and renewal.  

This card is a great reminder of memories, love, and care. Therefore, it can be used for all occasions and purposes. Don’t miss the opportunity to amaze your brother with this incredible Chameleon 3D cool pop-up card. A thoughtful gift is always the best way to make him happy. 

Moose 3D Cards

Funny and Amazing Birthday Pop Up Gifts for Brothers 4
Moose 3D Pop Up Card

Inspired by one of the most famous species in wildlife, the moose greeting card can be a great option for your brother’s b-day.  

Moose is regarded as the biggest of all the deer species. It features a long face, yellow skin, and huge antlers. In this amazing card, there is a vivid simulation of a moose standing on a big log to show its true beauty.  

The moose stands for self-esteem. It can help you conquer the fear and protect you from dangers. The symbolic meaning of this animal also encourages you to use your personal strength and confidence to achieve your goals.  

The moose also represents togetherness, which enhances a sense of solidarity in your relationships and strength. In other words, it helps you coordinate well with both your social and professional connections to grow and develop more in the future.  

What could be greater than sending this outstanding gift card to your bigger or younger brother on his birthday this year? 

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