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Limited design, easy to touch and difficult to express the individual personality of traditional jewelry makes many people dislike owning these expensive items. Therefore, more and more sophisticated and beautiful designs are being introduced with a variety of different materials for consumers to choose from.

The appearance of jewelry brands that help customers design their own jewelry according to their liking and mood is also interested in many people.

Because of grasping this mentality, Pandora has become one of the typical jewelry empires that is making women in many countries in the world fall into a state of “crazy”. According to this company’s statistics, every second they have a product that is consumed. And every year, 63 million Pandora jewels are sold around the world.

The name Pandora is inspired by the legend of the legend of the mysterious Pandora box that has left the world with interesting and interesting things.

In Greek mythology, at the behest of Zeus, Hephaestus created the world’s first woman out of clay, and named it Pandora. When Prometheus stole the fire from the angel, Zeus took revenge and gave Pandora to Prometheus’s brother Epimetheus. Although warned by his brother Prometheus not to accept any gifts from angels, because it will bring suffering, but before Pandora’s leaning beauty, Epimetheus fell in love and accepted this gift. Zeus gave Pandora a box as a wedding gift, and told her not to open the box for whatever reason. However, after the wedding, out of curiosity about the beauty, Pandora opened it. All the bad habits in this world have spread. Natural disasters, sickness, deception … and death, things that people were not previously aware of have spread around the world. The only good that this box brings is the unstoppable intense love and hope for the life and success of the world to continue. With that in mind, two skilled jewelers in Denmark have released Pandora jewelry with the desire to bring hope and love to life.

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